Roll Formed Steel Control System

Complete rewrite of a Visual Basic 6 application, unsupported by original developer, to C# (.Net 4.5). Applications primary use is to accept user input allowing the factory roll formed control system to produce the required products. The entered information is validated within the application prior to saving. Checks are performed to ensure the data entered is correctly formatted and valid options have been selected. The data is then saved in a proprietary file format and transferred to the factory control system over a network connection. Checks are performed to ensure the files are transferred to the factory control system correctly (no corruption during transfer).

The applications secondary use is to produce packing lists and labels. The C# developed application dynamically creates PDF documents to the required format with all information populated. The PDF documents are also automatically printed to pre-configured printers (differing documents being sent to differing printers). The documents are also stored to allow for easy reprinting if and when required.

Other functionality within the application includes allowing the office based user to remotely modify the factory control systems running order, and to view previously completed jobs. The systems running list is colour coded to allow easy distinction of the product types, to visually aid the user to order similar product types together.

An automated data backup process was subsequently added to the application (onsite and cloud based) and the ability to manually rearrange the contents of the automated packing lists. Complete system support is also provided as and when required.